HGH's Background

The Infrared Reference Since 1982

HGH Infrared Systems designs, develops, assembles and sells electro-optics systems for defence and security applications, but also for the industrial sector and Test & Measurement. The company is based in the Paris Area (Igny), France, and has offices in the USA, China, India and Singapore. 

The story of HGH Infrared Systems, expert in infrared  & electro-optics, began in France in 1982, when two pioneers of infrared technology met. René Houis was at this time director of the French subsidiary of an industrial thermography camera manufacturer, and Gilbert Gaussorgues was head of the French Navy optronics laboratory. When they decided to create HGH Infrared Systems, the company designed customized electro-optics equipment according to specific requirements.

  • A wide range of infrared test equipment (blackbodies, IR and near IR collimators, universal test bench for optical maintenance, optronic test benches for optical detectors).
  • Infrared scanners, for non-contact temperature measurement.

Since the early 2000s, HGH Infrared Systems has accelerated its international expansion, with over 80% of its production exported. HGH has established itself as an international reference for infrared technology innovation, thanks to the diversity and reliability of the solutions provided.

With skills acquired over decades, HGH developed a new range of products: Spynel, a 24/7 wide area surveillance system, with automatic intrusion detection and tracking over 360°. Spynel protects several critical infrastructure around the world, and won numerous international awards.

In 2016, HGH Infrared Systems announced the acquisition of Electro Optical Industries (EOI), American experts in Test & Measurement based in California (USA).