Critical Infrastructure Protection

Terrorist threats on critical assets have made intrusion detection and perimeter security a priority for the private sector and governments worldwide. To ensure security, traditional measures include CCTV cameras and patrols, but night surveillance requires additional surveillance equipment.

Surveillance of critical assets

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The Main Challenges Of Critical Infrastructure Protection:


  • A wide-area perimeter surveillance
  • Survey and automatic detection of all threats
  • Important traffic around the monitored zone during the day (staff, visitors, animals)
  • Sometimes, an undetectable (passive) system is needed
  • Operator fatigue 
  • Integrate the IR system within the current security system

The Infrared Surveillance Solution: Spynel

With 360° protection and outdoor perimeter intrusion detection, the Spynel IR camera systems provide exceptional day and night security for many of governmental buildings in the world, and varied applications.

  • Surveillance of national monuments, protection of government buildings, embassies, federal reserve banks...
  • Crowd control during demonstrations near government facilities or during highly visible events (the Olympics, for instance)
  • 24/7 Protection of Federal dams and waterways
  • IR surveillance of nuclear plants
  • Protection of oil rigs, refineries, LNG/LPG terminals
  • Defense industrial base

The Spynel infrared sensor can be mounted on a mast or installed at the top of a building in order to provide full 360° security ensures that no event or disturbance goes unnoticed. 

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