Many challenges arise from wide area surveillance. When security personal, soldiers or special forces are confronted to multiple intrusions, they should be alerted as early as possible for an effective action. One minute can reverse the situation.

The Spynel IR sensors were designed by HGH Infrared Systems to meet these challenges. Spynel and its automatic detection software Cyclope display and analyze HR 360° thermal images, in real time. The threats are automatically detected and tracked up to the horizon, 24/7, wherever they come from  (large airfields, wide desert areas around FOBS and compounds, land or maritime borders, ports, estuaries...)

Spynel 360° thermal cameras can be used as a standalone surveillance system or as an added of capability to your systems already in place!

  • Border Surveillance

    Technologies providing information to the Border Patrol personnel need to address a very specific set of challenges: Surveillance equipment must be able to endure consistent exposure to harsh environments in remote locations. Spynel is a Border Surveillance system used worldwide a address those challenges.

  • Drone/UAV Detection and Tracking

    Over the past fifteen years, the popularity and accessibility of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as drones, for commercial or recreational use have seriously surged. With Spynel's infrared thermal imaging technology, it is impossible for a UAV to be stealthy...

  • Prison Surveillance

    Conventional security systems that have been the hallmark of prison security in the past years have not been able to adequately tackle the new security challenges while Spynel 360° thermal sensors have proven their efficiency.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

    Terrorist threats on critical assets have made intrusion detection and perimeter security a priority for the private sector and governments worldwide. To ensure security, traditional measures include CCTV cameras and patrols, but night surveillance requires additional surveillance equipment.

  • Airport Surveillance & Airfield Surveillance

    Airport Security officials’ mission is to detect and track intruders, assess threats, coordinate responses and gather evidence for law enforcement prosecution.